Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food Trip: Jatujak at MOA

One Saturday evening, while looking for a place to have dinner in MOA (Mall of Asia), Ian and I stumbled on Jatujak. We have already seen their branch in SM Megamall before. In fact, we ordered for a thai iced tea to go but never had an opportunity to dine there. Since we had a hankering to eat thai food that night, we decided to get our dinner here.

Jatujak is named after the largest weekend market in the world (according to their wall art) and is found in Bangkok, Thailand. We actually went there last year, and I have to say, it is a bargain hunter's dream come true. :) Soo many good deals in one big marketplace!

The decor is pretty nice, with wooden shelves housing various knickknacks that fit the theme. I especially like their place mats. I thought at first they were made of paper but they're not. The mats are reusable and has a very pretty purple color.

pad thai with shrimp
beef noodles
iced coffee and iced tea
We ordered our usual pad thai with shrimp, thai iced tea and thai iced coffee. Ian was craving something hot and he ordered the beef noodle soup with thick rice noodles. The noodle soup arrived first and it was very good. It had a tangy-sweet-beefy taste to it. This was the first time I've tried noodle soup in a thai restaurant and it was a pleasant surprise. The pad thai was nutty, sweet and slightly spicy. The thai iced tea had its signature sweet taste and orangey color while the thai iced coffee had the kick of caffeine that I needed, a bit bitter though. I recommend mixing the drink as much as you can as the milk tends to settle at the bottom of the glass. 

All in all, we paid around 500 pesos for the meal. For a satisfying thai meal, i think it was a pretty good deal. I would definitely come back to try their other menu offerings.

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